Megan & Cody

First Look & Wedding: Megan & Cody

Aruba, April 2021 – We had a beautiful two hour shoot with Megan and Cody from Ohio. They visited Aruba for the third time… And the third time is always a charm. Megan and Cody walked down the aisle on the beautiful white sand along Eagle beach. We captured their magic moments.

The shoot started off with Cody at the Divi Resort for the ‘First Look’ shoot. We continued with Meghan, who looked absolutely stunning. The guests of the hotel congratulated her prior to meeting up with her soon to be husband. As captured in the film, the groom was stunned upon seeing his fiancé. We took some lovely scenic shots at the hotel.

Before heading off to the ceremony, we captured some footage at one of Aruba’s most popular places, the fofoti trees.

A completely empty Eagle Beach is a rare sight, usually filled with people. This time round we had the beach to ourselves, making for a personal environment.

The Ceremony lasted about 20 minutes, Meghan and Cody both reading their vows, always the most beautiful part in my opinion. They provide some insight to their first feelings when meeting each other, their current thoughts and some funny anecdotes. After they both said yes, we popped open the bottle of champagne and headed out to the beach to take some extra shots of the newlyweds.

It was a beautiful day and a romantic, intimate wedding that I enjoyed being a part of. The video will be uploaded soon and will be edited by Ambience Media.

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